We started as a small mail-order company catering to Japan, but today, we are moving towards more ambitious goals, gradually expanding our reach to countries all around the world. Our mission is to provide affordable, meticulously designed, and exceptionally comfortable products for people globally.

Our team members have years of experience in product quality management at Japanese companies. Quality has always been our paramount pursuit, and every product undergoes rigorous quality checks.We are dedicated to handpicking the finest quality products, ensuring a satisfying shopping experience for you.

To offer you more budget-friendly prices, we directly source our products from their places of origin, minimizing intermediary steps and unnecessary costs, allowing you to purchase premium items at the most favorable prices. No matter where you are in the world, we are committed to providing you with an outstanding shopping experience. Our international logistics team is dedicated to ensuring the safe and prompt delivery of your orders, so you can quickly get your desired products.

Please keep an eye on the latest updates on our website and stay connected with us. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us; our customer service team is always ready to assist you.


Sales Regions

  • Open sales regions: USA, Japan.

Due to varying shipping costs in different regions, separate configuration is required. If your country or region is not included in the open sales regions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Additional Necessary Expenses Beyond Product Prices

  • Shipping Fee
    • Shipping fees are typically calculated based on the product weight and destination.
  • Customs duties
    • To prevent possible customs fees upon arrival in your destination country, we might reduce the declared value of the products during shipping.
    • Usually, a single purchase’s value won’t likely cause customs duties. But if the total value of your items is notably high, it could potentially activate your destination country’s customs duty threshold. This hinges on aspects like the goods’ type, their worth, and your destination country’s customs policies.
    • Please note that customs duty policies differ by country. We can’t assure the complete avoidance of customs duties. We suggest understanding your country’s customs regulations before purchasing for informed decisions.
    • If customs duties are charged upon entering your destination country, we can’t take responsibility due to differing policies. The customer is responsible for customs duty costs.

Quality Assurance Policy

  • If the product has quality defects, we will arrange to send an equivalent product. (However, this does not include cases where the product cannot be delivered due to customer unavailability, such as when the customer is not at home.).
  • If there are quality defects in the product, we apologize for any inconvenience caused and kindly ask you to contact customer service within 7 days of receiving the product.
  • Furthermore, if it is difficult to prepare an equivalent product, we will refund the product price.

Payment Methods

  • Currently, only PayPay balance is supported for payments. Other payment methods will be introduced gradually.

Validation of Payment Effectiveness

  • Order Amount Limitation
    • When the “Country / Region” in “Billing details” is set to “Japan: The maximum order amount limit per transaction is 20,000 JPY.
    • When the “Country / Region” in “Billing details” is set to “United States(US): The maximum order amount limit per transaction is 150 USD.
  • Quantity Validation:The maximum quantity per order is 20 units.
  • Weight Limitation:If the total weight of the order exceeds the maximum weight for the shipping method (usually 10 kg), the shipping cost will increase. In such cases, please reduce the order quantity.
  • Address Consistency Requirement:If you choose to “Ship to a different address,” please ensure that the “Country / Region” matches the one in the “Billing details.”

Website Language

When switching display languages, software automatically translates words. There may be instances of inaccurate translation when translating English into other languages. Please be aware.

Shipping Policy

Delivery Time

  • Shipment within 1-5 days after order confirmation.
  • Japan: Usually, items under 0.7kg are shipped via Japan Post, taking around 7-12 days for delivery. Heavier items above 0.7kg are sent using Sagawa Express, with an estimated delivery time of 5-7 days. Weight criteria may change based on orders and customer urgency.
  • United States:The average shipping time is 7-12 days, and during peak seasons, it may take 10-15 days.
  • Other countries and regions: Additional shipping times will be provided separately.

※Delivery may be delayed based on customer’s residential area or order concentration. In the event of the product being undeliverable, our online store customer service will contact you.

※The actual delivery time may vary due to factors such as peak seasons, holidays, logistics company operations, natural disasters, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Returns And Refunds

If it is not due to product quality or shipping-related issues, returns and refunds are not accepted.

Return period

  • The standard return and exchange policy is valid for 30 days. If it exceeds 30 days from the date of receipt, we will be unable to provide a full refund or exchange.
  • If the defects are considered obvious and could have been discovered upon product delivery, the feedback period for such defects is 5 days. Beyond 5 days, we will be unable to provide a full refund or exchange.

Return Method and Cost

  • The return address is located in China. You can contact customer service to obtain the specific return address. Typically, for returns not related to product quality issues, the cost of return is borne by the customer.
  • If a return is requested due to customer reasons, there might be applicable taxes, which will be paid by the customer. According to Chinese customs regulations, the tax amount is calculated by multiplying the declared value with the tax rate, with an average rate of 20%. Tax is exempted if the amount is below 50 RMB(Chinese Yuan), but it needs to be paid if it exceeds this threshold.

Items that cannot be returned

We cannot accept returns or exchanges in the following cases:

  • Exceeding the designated return period as specified in the return policy.
  • Damaged or missing items caused by customer reasons. Some items require intact tags, packaging, or accessories.
  • Explicitly stated as non-returnable or non-exchangeable.
  • Special items: Some health or personal care products, customized goods, etc., may be non-returnable.
  • Products that require confirmation with customer service before returning.


  • If the defective product is returned without the consent of customer service due to customer reasons, a refund will not be provided.
  • For returns and refunds requested due to customer reasons, the returned items must not affect resale, and the return shipping fees will be borne by the customer.
  • For returns and refunds due to product quality issues, the full product amount will be refunded upon receipt of the returned product.
  • If customers discover obvious quality issues within 5 days of receiving the product, they may apply for a full refund. If the issue is considered obvious but not reported within 5 days, it will be deemed as not caused by the product itself and will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Products requested for return and refund due to customer reasons after 30 days of product delivery will only be eligible for partial refund.
  • If a customer requests to cancel an order before shipment, PayPal will charge a processing fee for the cancellation amount, which will be borne by the customer.